Dates Crop 2020 in Pakistan

Dates Crop 2020 in Pakistan

Dates Crop 2020 has been almost harvested in Pakistan. The crop is still secure from scattered spells of drizzle.

The arrival of stock has started in the market.

The growers are happy to find good quality of harvest and expecting best deals.

The leading buyer GNS Pakistan is teamed up to take best stock for its respective customers.

Pakistan is the major dates producing country stands at fifth position with production capacity of more than 600,000 metric tons annually.

Aseel is the main variety of dates grown in Pakistan.

GNS Pakistan is the largest dates supplier and exporter in Pakistan.

Union Dates Factory being an associated Company of GNS Pakistan has modern processing facilities.

Union Dates Factory produces best quality pitted dates, diced dates, chopped dates, date paste, date powder and multiple other dates related products.

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