Aseel Dates

Aseel Dates

Aseel Dates in Pakistan: Aseel Dates are known as the best dates grown in Pakistan in terms of sweetness and long shelf life. The Aseel dates are unique in taste and flavor. Aseel look like Sayer Dates of Iran but better than in all its characteristics. In terms of price or rate, Aseel Dates are more cost-effective for industrial use. These dates are used in baking and cooking to prepare delightful sweet dishes. The dates are also used in shakes and smoothies. Aseel Dates have occupied a significant position in the date palm fruit market of the world.

Aseel Pitted Dates

Aseel Pitted Dates: Aseel Pitted Dates are seedless dates as the seed or pit is removed from inside of whole or unpitted date during the process. Aseel pitted dates have become renowned worldwide for their unique flavor profile and excellent quality. Pakistan’s favorable climate and rich agricultural practices contribute to the production of premium dates, making Pakistani dates a popular choice in international markets.

Dates From Pakistan

Date, a sweet fruit that belongs to the Agro and food sector, is widely grown in Pakistan. Aseel competes with the main varieties of dates available in the market are Medjool, Ajwa, Amber, Deglet Nour, Zahidi and other dates, The country is one of the leading producers and exporters of dates in the world, with a diverse range of products manufactured from this date fruit. Dates are considered a healthy food, rich in essential nutrients, and a good source of energy. Pakistan produces different varieties of dates, each with a unique taste and texture, out of which Aseel is the most popular in the export market.

Aseel Dates vs Medjool

Aseel dates are smaller in size as compared to Medjool dates but nutritional contents are the same. It is important to mention that Aseel dates are more cost-effective as Medjool dates are expensive for the process industry mainly energy bar makers and bakery users where dates are used as basic ingredients.

Dates Production in Pakistan

Pakistan is the fifth-largest producer of Dates in the world, with a production of approximately 535,000 metric tons in 2020. The majority of the production comes from Sindh and Baluchistan provinces, where the climate and soil conditions are favorable for the cultivation of Dates. The market for Dates in Pakistan is primarily domestic, with a significant amount of Dates consumed within the country. However, a considerable amount of Dates is also exported to other countries, mainly in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Several suppliers in Pakistan specialize in the production and export of Dates. These suppliers offer a diverse range of Dates products, from Chopped/Diced Dates, Dates Powder, Aseel Whole Un-pitted Dates, Aseel Dry Dates, Rabaii Whole Dates, Dhakki Dry Dates, Pitted Aseel Dates, Sliced Dates, Dates paste, Block Dates, Dates Syrup, and more. These products, along with the others mentioned, are manufactured using high-quality Dates that are carefully processed to maintain their taste and texture. Additionally, some of these Dates are considered the best table fruit and are widely consumed both domestically and internationally.

Leading Dates Exporters

Pakistan is a significant supplier and exporter of Dates, and several companies are involved in the export of this fruit. Some of the leading suppliers and exporters of Dates in Pakistan include GNS PakistanNatural CommoditiesElegant Impex, and Union Dates Company Pakistan. These companies have extensive experience in the production and export of Dates and offer a diverse range of products to cater to the varying needs of the customers.

Dates Varieties in Pakistan

Pakistan produces several varieties of Dates, each with a unique taste and texture. The main varieties of Dates grown in Pakistan and considered as table Dates fruit include Mazawati, Kupro, Jawansore, Karbalain, and Rabaii. These Dates are widely consumed in Pakistan and exported to other countries for their excellent taste and quality.

Pakistan also produces Dates that are suitable for both table and industrial purposes. The main varieties of such Dates include Dhakki dry Dates (brown), Kahrba pitted Dates, Turbat-mix pitted Dates, and Begum Jangi pitted Dates. These Dates are used in the production of different Dates products, such as Dates paste, block Dates, Dates syrup, etc. Our FAQ-grade unpitted dates are available at the lowest price as compared to the price quoted in the market because of our economies of scale and other competitive edges.

Pakistan is one of the leading producers and exporters of Dates in the world, with a diverse range of products manufactured from this fruit. The country produces different varieties of Dates, each with a unique taste and texture, which are popular in the export market. The production, market, and suppliers of Dates in Pakistan are well-established, with several companies involved in the production and export of Dates. The availability of high-quality Dates products makes Pakistan an attractive destination for Dates buyers around the world.

About Pakistani Dates Industry

Aseel Dates Benefits

Aseel Dates have numerous health benefits, including being high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and can be an excellent source of energy. They are also known to have a positive impact on digestive health and can be a great addition to your daily diet.

Dates Suppliers

We are the leading suppliers and exporters of dates to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other EU countries.

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