Date Paste

Date Paste

Aseel Date Paste

Date Paste is made from best quality aseel dates at our dates factory under hygienic conditions.

Date Paste in Pakistan

Date Paste: Date Paste is used as spread and filling stuff in sandwiches, bakery products and bar manufacturing.

Date Paste Uses: Date Paste is used as ingredient or base material in the multiple food industries to develop sweet taste and enrich their products with natural nutrients.

Date Paste Factory: We are specialized in making or manufacturing best quality date paste at our dates factory under certified hygienic conditions.

Aseel Dates

Aseel Dates: Aseel Dates are the super kind of dates from Pakistan in terms of sweetness and long shelf life. Aseel Dates are unique in taste and flavor. Aseel Dates look like Sayer Dates of Iran but better than in all its characteristics. In terms of price or rate, Aseel Dates are more cost effective for industrial use. Aseel Dates are used in baking and cooking to prepare delightful sweet dishes. Aseel Dates are also used in shakes and smoothies. Aseel Dates have occupied a significant position in date-palm fruit market of the world.

Date Paste Suppliers

Date Paste Suppliers: Our flagship export house; GNS Pakistan is the leading exporter of DATE PASTE all over the world including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Germany and other EU Countries.