Aseel Dates from Pakistan

Aseel Dates in Pakistan

Aseel Dates are grown in Pakistan and the major production of Aseel dates comes from the district of Khairpur, Pakistan. Khairpur is the largest date-producing district of Sindh Province in Pakistan. Aseel dates are carefully harvested and then processed to ensure maximum freshness and quality. We supply dates in wholesale and retail orders, with packaging ranging from 1kg packets to bulk orders.

Dry Dates from Pakistan

Aseel Dry Dates from Pakistan

Dry Dates: Dry dates are produced from fresh aseel dates through the sun drying process. These dates are sweet in taste and rich in natural energy contents. Dry Dates are produced from aseel dates in two colors (1) black-brown and (2) yellow-golden. Dry Dates are also commonly called Chuara. We offer the best quality Dry Dates at the best possible lowest price to our bulk/wholesale buyers. Dry Dates are consumed in whole shapes and used in various dishes on religious occasions in South Asian communities. The health-cautious people take diced dry dates with milk in breakfast to get instant energy.

Dry Dates Factory: We specialize in making or manufacturing the best quality dry dates at our dates factory under certified hygienic conditions.

Dry Dates Suppliers: We are the leading Dry Dates suppliers and exporters in Pakistan. Our Dry Dates are exported to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Canada, Australia, UAE, USA and UK.