Pitted Dates Meaning

Aseel Pitted Dates

Meaning: Pitted dates meaning those dates which are processed to remove the pits or seeds for consumer convenience. However, the nutritional value remains preserved, as pitted dates are a source of instant energy and are also used in a variety of food recipes. The pitted dates are available in both loose form and can be compressed in the factory to create pressed pitted date blocks.

Pitted Dates Vs Unpitted Dates

Pitted Dates Vs Unpitted Dates: Pitted dates are dates without pits (or seeds), making them convenient for snacking or on-the-go consumption. While you can manually remove the pit from whole dates using a knife, this can be time-consuming, especially when you need a large quantity. That’s why purchasing pitted dates from your nearest supermarket is a convenient option. Unpitted dates are whole dates with seeds or pits, offering a natural and distinctive taste and flavor.

Pitted Dates Price

We offer pitted dates to our esteemed customers wholesale bulk stock at an unbeatable price ranging between USD 600 to 1200 depending upon shape, texture, and grade. The pitted dates are available in GAQ, FAQ, and industrial grades.

Pitted Dates Buyers

The buyers of pitted dates can approach us from anywhere in the world. We always hold the best quality stock of pitted dates to dispatch for shipment forthwith on the issuance of a purchase order.

Pitted Dates Suppliers

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