Benefits of Dates

Date Bar

Dates are good for health!

Date fruit is considered as one of the oldest fruits found on earth having the traces in prehistoric era. It has been claimed that in pre-historic times date palm cultivation ranged from Senegal in the Western Africa to the basin of the River Indus in South Asia.

Pakistan stands at number 6 position in the world’s dates producing countries. The Dates Palms are planted in every province of Pakistan, however, District Khairpur of Sindh Province is immensely rich with the availability of best variety of dates known as Aseel. The sponsors of Union Dates along with their relatives and family associates are the owners of several dates farms, which is the main raw material source of our processing plant.

Our process preserves natural vitamins and energy contents in the dates. These Dates are one of the most delicious and tasty foods that one can try. However, you must be aware of the fact that dates have loads of advantages for the body if taken on a regular basis. Dates are actually one of the most nutritious foods that you can have on your plate in the daily diet. Also, you will be pleasantly surprised to know, that a lot of health problems can be treated with consumption of a handful of dates each day. Way before you start eating dates only for the purpose of taste, try and put some efforts in knowing what benefits it can bring for the health. In fact, along with the body, it also has benefits for enhancing the beauty.

Here are Top 9 Health Benefits of Dates that you deserve to know about:

1. For Overall Good Health
2. Provides Iron
3. Essential Minerals
4. Treats Bowel Problems
5. Gives Strength to Muscles
6. Boosts Energy
7. Gives Calories
8. Healthy Skin Benefits
9. For Overall Hair Health

Products of Dates

We offer Dates and related products at unbeatable lowest price package to our customers in order to enable them for operating in their respective market with a competitive edge. Following are the main products manufactured from Dates at our Dates Factory:

Pitted Dates
Pitted Dates

Pitted Dates: Pitted Dates are seedless or without seed. When seed is removed the date become more soft and easy to munch as a delightful sweet snack. We process best quality dates for producing pitted dates under hygienic conditions and food safety programs. After cleaning, grading, pitting, the dates are packed in boxes for export or local sales. We supply dates all over the world including USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Diced Dates
Diced – Chopped Dates

Diced Dates: Aseel Dates variety has a thick flesh that makes for a delightful dried fruit. In the first phase dates are pitted and then these dates are chopped or diced in small pieces so you can enjoy them in blended drinks, baked goods, salads and more. Diced Dates or Chopped Dates are packed under hygienic and food safety program. Each Date piece contain fiber and potassium, making them quite delightful healthy snack.

Date Paste

Date Paste: Date paste is used in a variety of foods around the world. At present, date paste is largely consumed in the food industry as a filling for pastries and biscuits. Date Paste is considered as a healthier substitute for sugar in cereals, puddings, baked goods, energy bars, ice cream and confections. Date paste is also added in multiple dishes for flavor and sweetness to salad dressings, marinades, glazes and smoothies.

Date Powder

Date Powder: Dates Powder is a natural sweetener for food made with dry dates. Date Sugar is a natural substitute of white sugar. Dates are rich with nutritious contents, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and other essential vitamins. Dry dates powder is the best sweetener for all types of sweet dishes and delightful taste, with added health benefits.